Responsive web design

It's the way some websites can be modified in order to make it easier for customers to use it, depending on their device.

My favorite beach... so far

One of the many reasons to visit México

Vision Recording Eyewear

This is my idea about an already existing product

Wearable technology (definition)

Any kind of smart device that can be worn as something regular, but actually has a different function.

AMPL smart backpack



Autocompassion affects our personal and professional life. On a personal level, it affects the way we think about ourselves when things don't work out the wait we expect them to, which can lead to frustration and negative thoughts, even doubting our capacities, which can also affect the relationships we build with others.
When it comes to our professional life, it may affect how we manage situations full of stress and how clearly we can think while they are happening so we can make the best decisions for the company, in the case of banking it can help us deal with difficult customers.